Ford SUV Reliability Tops the Charts

Unreliable SUVs are a thing of the past. Most modern SUVs can match sedans and hatchbacks in terms of reliability and durability, but some brands are more robust than others. This, coupled with their massive practicality, off-road capabilities, and excellent safety ratings means we're seeing increased popularity in the entire SUV segment.

With fuel prices remaining at an affordable rate, people aren't afraid to buy a larger SUV instead of smaller sedans and compacts. Crossovers have replaced hatchbacks, and pickups and truck-based SUVs are quickly becoming the norm.

The SUV Is King

According to a study conducted by Automotive News, total combined segment sales have increased by 13 percent in the last year alone, but passenger car sales dropped by 3 percent. The SUV craze is so massive that U.S. car dealerships are making an effort to shy away from incentive-laden cars in favor of keeping their inventories stock full of larger trucks.

On average, SUVs are several thousand dollars more expensive than their sedan-shaped siblings, but the tradeoff is, in most cases, more than worth it. For starters, you get a lot more car for your money, and we mean that quite literally. Physically, SUVs tend to be longer and wider than most sedans, not to mention higher. You can carry bulkier objects with ease, and the added headroom is a great addition for most customers. A decade ago one could argue that SUVs are harder to maintain, but the truth of the matter is that these days, they're no more expensive to run than a small city car.

Ford's Immaculate Reliability Record Shoots It Straight to the Top

Leading this SUV-charge is Ford. In the last decade or so Ford has been positively on fire. Ford has introduced new SUV models to fill in each and every niche and has done so without sacrificing quality or refinement. Claiming the top spot in each segment is something not many manufacturers can say they've done, but Ford certainly can.

When it comes to reliability and durability, Ford's SUV models are second to none. The Ford Expedition claims the top spot in a study conducted to see how many examples of each model have surpassed 200,000 miles. With 5.7 percent of Ford Expeditions on the road having well in excess of 200k miles, it's proven to be the most durable SUV of any kind on the planet. Customers get a choice between the 'standard' Expedition and the Expedition XL, an even bigger three-row SUV designed for larger families.

Not far behind we find the Ford Explorer and the wonderful Ford Edge. Let's start with the Explorer since it seems to be the most popular full-size SUV at the moment. Offering an amazing blend of space, performance, and affordability, it is the definitive SUV benchmark by which all other manufacturers measure their models. Despite being introduced in 2007, the mid-sized Edge has managed to capture the market by surprise. Attracting a mostly younger audience, its popularity in the U.S. is quickly turning it into a best-seller in other markets worldwide now as well.

Last but not least, we have the Ford Escape and the Ford Flex. The Escape needs no introduction. It's been around since 2000 and it is, without a shadow of a doubt, the go-to choice when you want a compact crossover. The Flex is an alternative full-size crossover SUV, walking that fine line which separates the crossovers from full-on SUVs.

What Makes Fords So Reliable?

It comes down to a number of factors really. For starters, the brand never spares any expense when it comes to the quality of the materials used. Whether it's materials used in the cabin or actual metal/aluminum components in the engine/suspension, the manufacturer makes sure to use high-grade materials at all times. The fit and finish plays a big role as well. If a car is to withstand 200,000 miles or more, the interior has to be well put together so as not to exhibit any rattling or squeaking.

Naturally, the engines have the biggest impact when it comes to durability and reliability. The latest EcoBoost family of engines have been specifically designed to withstand thousands and thousands of miles of continuous driving with very little maintenance. Add Ford's impeccable customer service and extended warranties into the mix, and you can clearly see why Ford SUVs are widely regarded as being the most durable vehicles out there, built to last through decades of hard driving.

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