Ford AXZ Plans Information

New Ford Vehicle Buying Plans in Blue Springs, MO

Are you eligible for Ford's A-Plan pricing? You may be, if you are a Ford employee or a family member of such. Perhaps you are eligible for X-Plan pricing, if you are a Ford business partner employee. Maybe you are eligible for the Z-Plan if you are a retired Ford employee. If any of the above is true then you have found the right place to buy a Ford through the excellent Ford AXZ plans.

With AXZ Plans we can offer Employee Pricing to you

Take a little time to look through the most popular Ford models from our lineup if you are eligible to reap the benefits of the AXZ buying plans. You can also come down personally to peruse our diverse inventory and pick out the perfect vehicle for yourself.

How AXZ Plans Offer Increased Savings for Eligible People

Now retirees, employees and their immediate family members have access to the best prices they can find on any Ford vehicle through the new Vehicle Purchase Program.

If you work for any company that is a partner of Ford or Lincoln OR you are related to someone who works for Lincoln or Ford there is a good chance that you are qualified for these plans.

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Ford Z-Plan and Ford A-Plan

Ford Z-Plan is for retirees/surviving spouses and the A-Plan is for employees. To get a participant PIN, either call 1-800-348-7709 or go to

As a Ford employee or a retiree/surviving spouse, you can generate four PINs per year. These can be used to lease/purchase new Ford vehicles.

This first applies to all full-time employees and those drawing a regular salary from Ford, starting the day you are hired. It also applies to any retiree who is receiving a retirement benefit, or disability benefit if medical benefits are still being received. When retirees and their spouses are deceased, the plan ceases to be valid. Those who retire under the General Retirement Plan, even those who retire between the ages of 50 and 55, are generally eligible while they are still receiving benefits. Surviving spouses of employees who became deceased while under employment and surviving spouses of retirees can join the plan.

Temporary part-time workers in the U.S. are eligible for the A-Plan. Any employee in the first 12 months of their layoff is eligible, as are employees on leave of absence. Employees that choose a separation package are generally eligible, as are deferred vested retirees.

Part-time staff are generally also eligible if they are eligible to receive medical benefits. Subsidiary and affiliate company employees may be eligible.

In addition to the direct beneficiaries, the immediate family of eligible people can also become members. This includes parents, spouse, spouse's parents, grandparents and grandchildren, sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters, including in-laws, half-, and step- etc.) Same-sex partners are treated equally.

Ford X-Plan

Partners under Ford's Partner Recognition Program and friends and neighbors are covered under Ford's X-Plan.

Details of Friends & Neighbors X-Plan

Details of Friends & Neighbors X-Plan

A sponsoring Ford employee/retiree can give a PIN to the desired participant that can be then used by either calling 1-800-348-7709 or logging in an account form here: AXZ Plan Login.

As in the Z-Plan and A-Plan, a total of 4 PINs can be generated in a calendar year by an eligible Ford employee or retiree. The consent of a sponsor is needed before the benefits can be enjoyed by a friend, neighbor, or a family member.

Ford Partner Recognition X-Plan

Call 877-XPLAN-00 (975-2600) or log on to to obtain a PIN for this program.

Only 2 PIN generations are allowed by a Partner Recognition employee or retiree in a calendar year. These can then be used to lease or purchase a new vehicle as subjected to the following:

  • Participation is by invitation only. Not all companies are eligible.
  • Employees of the partner company including full-time, part-time, and contract workers are eligible, as are specific groups and members of organizations as defined by Ford Motor Company.
  • Those living in the same household as those listed above are also eligible upon showing a driver's license as proof of address.