We've all been there. You're driving down the road and all of a sudden a light starts flashing on your dashboard. Something's wrong with your car. But what? Is it serious? How do you respond? The team at Blue Springs Ford in Blue Springs, MO, has the answers to these questions, and we've brought them together in this helpful guide. If you wonder what your dashboard warning light indicators mean, and what you should do to respond to them, keep reading. If you have any questions about your Ford's dashboard warning light indicators, or want to schedule a service appointment, give the service team at Blue Springs Ford a call at (888) 487-0720 or submit our online contact form.

Service Engine

Your service engine light will always illuminate when you turn the key in the ignition. If it stays on, there's a problem. If the light stays illuminated, your On Board Diagnostics system has picked up an issue in your vehicle emissions control system. However, if the service engine light is blinking, this means your Ford's engine is misfiring. While the misfires could damage your catalytic converter, you can still gently drive to our Blue Springs, MO, dealership and our service technicians will find and fix the issue.

Low Tire Pressure

Just like the service engine light, the low tire pressure low tire pressure warning light will switch on for a moment when you turn the key in the ignition. If it stays on after that, or comes on while you're driving, you have a problem with the air pressure in your tires. You should check your tire pressure as soon as possible.

Brake Light

The brake light indicator can mean three things. First, it could mean that your parking brake is engaged. Second, you could have low brake fluid. Third, there could be a brake system issue. This is a warning lamp you should be especially quick to respond to. If there is an issue with your brake fluid level or brake system, you may see a serious decline in braking ability. If you try to drive with your parking brake engaged, you will risk destroying your brakes. First, check to make sure the parking brake is not engaged. Otherwise schedule a service appointment with the experienced technicians at Blue Springs Ford as soon as possible.

Battery Light

Your battery light will come on if the voltage level in your Ford's battery is below normal and it cannot charge the vehicle. Turn off any unnecessary draws on your battery and schedule a service appointment with our dedicated service team here at Blue Springs Ford.

Coolant Service Light

Your engine coolant temperature is too high. You need to stop your Ford and shut off the engine to allow it to cool.

Engine Oil

If the engine oil light comes on, this means you've lost oil pressure. You should shut off the engine and check your oil level. If the oil level is normal but the light remains, schedule a service appointment with our Ford service technicians and we'll take care of you.


This indicates there is a malfunction code in your anti-lock braking system. You can still count on your normal braking system, unless the brake light comes on as well. You should schedule a service appointment with the team of Ford service professionals at Blue Springs Ford as soon as possible.

Low Fuel

Your fuel tank is almost empty and you need fuel. Get to a gas station and refuel as soon as possible.

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