Dashboard Warning Lights

Ford vehicles come with the latest sensors and alert systems to provide up-to-date information on auto performance and status. Though it might be alarming to see a dash warning light on your Ford vehicle, it is simply a signal to you that there may be something wrong with your car. Thanks to the expert techs at Blue Springs Ford, you can be back on the road in no time. Here's a breakdown of what some primary warning lights mean.

 Service Engine Soon. This light is an indicator that the On-Board Diagnostics system has detected a problem.       Sometimes called the "check engine light," this warning is typically set off by an issue with the vehicle emissions   control system. On some cars, it's as simple as a loose gas cap, though it can also be a faulty O2 sensor,   catalytic   convertor, or spark plug.

 Engine Coolant. This light means that the temperature is too high. Pull over and turn off the engine as soon as   you can to avoid engine damage.

 Battery Light. The battery warning light is an indicator that there's an issue with electrical equipment. In some   cases, it may indicate that your battery is about to die; however, it may also mean that there is a bad connection   or loose wires. Electrical problems can be dangerous to fix, so have a professional check your car if the battery   light comes on.

 ABS or BRAKE Light. These are two different lights, but both deal with the braking system. If the ABS Warning   Light comes on, pull over immediately-this may mean that your brakes are failing. Have a professional take a look   right away. The light might also mean that there is low fluid-an indication that you need new pads or that the   parking brake is on.

 Engine Oil. This means that the engine oil pressure has dropped too low. This can be a sign that there is a leak,   and you should pull over immediately and turn off the engine. You can check the oil levels to see if you should   continue driving. However, if you're unsure, call a tow truck.

Has one of your dash warning lights turned on? Stop by the service center at our dealership today. Our staff can diagnose your problem and repair your car, to get you safely back on the road in no time. 

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