Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Car


Valentine’s Day is right around this corner. This is a day to celebrate the people we love. But, this year, you should consider showering some affection on your faithful companion that guides you from one place to the next: your car. To that end, here are four Valentine’s Day gifts for your car.

  1.       Wash. Help your car look its best with a day at the auto wash. Clean away all the grit and grime that gathers your car and finish it off with a thorough waxing.

  2.       Accessories. Make your car sparkle even more than it usually does with some new accessories. How about some new exhaust tips or those sporty front seats you’ve been eyeing?

  3.       Tires. If your tires have seen better days, it might be time for a new set. Or you could consider adding a secondary set, like performance or winter tires, to enhance your car’s performance.

  4.       Detailing. Don’t forget to pay some attention to the interior. Give it a good cleaning and wipe down the interior with some good protectant.

If you need some help pampering your car this Valentine’s Day, come visit us at Blue Springs Ford. We have a plethora of accessories and maintenance tips to help you show your ride some TLC this holiday. 

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