Tips for Avoiding a Tire Blowout

Having a tire blow out while driving is not only dangerous but scary, causing delays in your trip and the time and expense of replacing the tire and getting the blown tire repaired or replaced. In our service center here at Blue Springs Ford in Blue Springs, MO, we always advise our customers to practice preventative maintenance as the best way to avoid a blown tire while driving.

Smart drivers monitor their tire pressure on a regular basis to ensure that their tires aren't overinflated or underinflated. By doing this you'll quickly notice changes in pressure that may indicate tire damage or a leak that causes a tire to blow. Always inflate your tires to the pressure recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer to avoid creating stresses that cause tires to blow.

Never overload your vehicle with excess weight that can cause tire strain and blowouts. Driving at high speeds also increases tire blowouts, so maintain safe and steady speeds.

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