Look Out for the Total Cost of a Car Before Purchase

Apart from the initial price of the car, you need to consider the total cost of it to ensure you do not just buy a car but you buy the one you can afford. Here are factors to consider and help you calculate the total cost of your next car.

  • Gas/ Fuel- What kind of mileage your vehicle gets and whether it uses premium or regular gasoline.
  • Registration fees, taxes, and license – these include the miscellaneous costs like parking fee, local and state taxes, registration and title fee.
  • Maintenance and repairs- Consider how much maintenance and repairs will cost as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Insurance- What premiums to choose and what they cover.
  • Depreciation- Calculate how much the car loses in terms of value each year.
  • Tires- buying and installation costs of the tires.
  • Financing/ interest.

Get in touch with us at Blue Springs Ford and we will assist you on making an informed decision with the total cost in mind.

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