The Gift of a New Ford Mustang for Christmas

New Ford Mustang


Though auto advertising during the holiday season has always been rife with commercials depicting a brand new car with a red bow on the top, how many people actually get cars for Christmas, let alone a new Ford Mustang? Not many. However, one Christmas Day in 1964, a boy came downstairs to find that his present was sitting in the driveway.

That boy was none other than Edsel B. Ford II, great-grandson of company founder Henry Ford. His 16th birthday was coming up on December 27th, and as a combination Christmas-and-birthday gift he found himself staring face-to-face with a new Ford Mustang. The vehicle featured a custom pearlescent white finish and blue racing stripes, along with chrome trim and functional hood scoops. Additionally, his father, Henry Ford II, had the rear fuel filler cap emblazoned with his initials: EBF II. 

Inside was a blue leather interior with aluminum trim, and when he took the Mustang for a short drive, he got to experience the high-performance V8 under the hood.

Edsel B. Ford II’s new Ford Mustang became his constant companion through high school and college until it was destroyed in an accident. However, he still fondly remembers that first Mustang, despite owning several other Fords over the years.

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