2017 Ford Super Duty Model Comparisons


F-250 vs. F-350 vs. F-450

Since 1977, the Ford F-Series pickup truck has been the bestselling truck in its class. You would think Ford might rest on its laurels after 40 years of success but they are always looking for ways to improve the performance and comfort of the F-Series truck. Take the 2017 Super Duty series for example. With so many options you may wonder which one is for you. Read below to learn more about the 2017 Ford Super Duty.

Re-Engineered For More Performance

Engineers and designers have redesigned the 2017 Ford Super Duty for more performance in all categories. To provide this truck with higher power levels and increased towing levels some things needed to change. Engineers designed a completely new fully boxed steel frame made from high percentage high-strength steel - 95% to be exact. Along with the F-150, the Super Duty is now receiving the aluminum body treatment. By using a military grade high strength aluminum alloy body they were able to reduce the vehicle weight by up to 350 lbs.

Along with the chassis upgrades, designers also increased the power levels in this truck. While the 6.2L gas engine option remains unchanged the oil-burning option has changed. The 6.7L Power Stroke diesel is still the diesel engine option that is available, however for the 2017 model the numbers have changed. Horsepower has stayed at 440 hp but torque has increased by 65 lb-ft to 925 lb-ft of torque.

The Power Stroke engine offers, in its class, the most horsepower. Due to this increase in power, Ford had to make some changes. They have upgraded the axles by making them stronger to support the power increases. Ford also updated all of the steering and suspension components making them beefier to make them stronger. All these upgrades have allowed Ford to become the undisputed leader in towing for 2017, with the F-450 being rated to tow up to 32,500 lbs.

With all these changes you may wonder has Ford done too much. To ensure the new redesign of the 2017 Ford Super Duty was done properly, Ford subjected the truck to something outrageous. The new truck was submitted to torturous testing for over 19 million kilometers. From being subjected to four post frame twisters, extreme temperature shocks, water, dirt, dust, and mud you may say it was just short of extreme. That's until you realized they came up with a powertrain test that subjected the powertrain of this vehicle to the equivalent of a 6% grade for over 600 kilometers. Talk about tough.

New Optional Comfort Features For all Drivers

With all these changes to the exterior and chassis of the redesigned Super Duty, you make think the designers forgot about the interior. Thankfully they did not. The 2017 Ford Super Duty has amazing features to provide mile after mile of comfort for all its driver and passengers.

Optional is Ford BLIS. By using unique sensors and seven cameras, this system has some amazing features to provide enhanced safety for drivers. These features include a collision warning system with brake support, cross-traffic alert, and trailer tow. To make driving easier it provides its drivers with lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control.

For its hard working owners, Ford has installed a 100V 400W Inverter to allow charging of 110V electronics. Along with this Ford has included a new optional feature, a Trailer Reverse Guidance System. By using cameras in the side mirrors of the vehicle, this system provides visual cues in the center dash screen. This system can assist drivers with the mundane and sometimes precise job of backing up their trailer.

One very unique item that this truck comes with is standard when equipped with a diesel engine. Due to the long warm up times with the Power Stroke diesel, designers have come up with a solution to provide its drivers with a more comfortable experience. By combining an electric heating element in the heating system, this vehicle can provide instant warm air during those northern freezing nights. Once the engine is up to temperature, the heater is disabled and the heating system functions as normal. Talk about ingenuity. Once again, Ford has made the Super Duty the best option for a commercial pickup.

What Makes The Super Duty Right For Me?

The Super Duty is a truck made for work. Large capacity fuel tanks and an increased DEF capacity maximize the driver's time on the road and prevent frequent stops at fuel stations. Depending on what you call work, the Super Duty has a factory option to provide you with a solution. Snow removal specialists get an optional snow prep package. Camping enthusiasts can add on the optional camper package.

Knowing that most of the Super Duty owners will tow a trailer at some point they have an optional 5th Wheel/Gooseneck Package. This is a factory installed substructure that sits under your truck box allowing you to add a 5th wheel or gooseneck hitch package depending on your preference. This allows the owner to have the hitch when required and a flatbed floor when not required.

Which Super Duty Is Right For Me?

The Ford Super Duty comes in many different models - the F-250, F-350 SRW (Single Rear Wheel), F-350 DRW (Dual Rear Wheel) and the F-450 DRW. Finding out the model that is best for you can take some time. Some things that you should consider before looking at these models is which fuel do you prefer - gas or diesel? Do you need a single rear wheel or dual rear wheel truck? How many people will you transport in the truck? How large of a truck box do you need? While these are some of the things you need to consider, it isn't an exhaustive list.

The F-250 and F-350 have a selection of engine options. Both the 6.2L SOHC gas engine and the 6.7L Power Stroke diesel are both available. The F-450, however, is only available with the 6.7L Power Stroke diesel. No matter which engine is chosen, the Super Duty line is equipped with the famous TorqShift 6R140 six-speed automatic transmission and no manual transmission options are available. The equipped drivelines vary on these trucks as well. The F-450 is only available with a 4WD driveline where the F-250 and F-350 both come available in either 2WD or 4WD versions.

What you haul on a normal basis can be a deciding factor when choosing a Super Duty. Cab and box choices are different for these trucks as well. The F-250 and F-350 are available with Crew Cab, Regular Cab, and Super Cab options, as well as 6 ¾' and 8' length truck beds. The F-450 is only available in one configuration. It comes standard with an 8-foot box and a crew cab.

Towing capacities have increased in the 2017 redesign. The F-250 is rated to conventionally tow 15-18,000 lbs. depending on configuration and up to 18,600 lbs. when equipped with a gooseneck hitch. The F-350 (DRW) is rated for 21,000 lbs. when conventionally towing and for up to 27,700 lbs. when towing with the gooseneck hitch. The F-450 is in a league of its own. While its conventional tow rating is the same as the F-350 at 21,000 lbs., when equipped with a gooseneck hitch it is rated to tow 32,500 lbs. Ford accomplishes the high conventional tow ratings with a new 3" receiver hitch. Any Ford truck that is rated to tow more than 15,000 lbs. receives these new 3" hitches.

F-450, the Next Level of Work Truck

There are many configurations when choosing your Ford Super Duty depending on what you're using your truck for. The F-250 and F-350 are perfect for those workers that use their trucks daily for work. Whether it's transporting materials to the next job site or taking your workers out for lunch, the truck can handle anything you throw at it, but the F-450 is the next level when it comes to work trucks.

The F-450 is designed to handle anything you ask it to do. This truck is equipped with some unique features in the Super Duty line that are only available in the F-450 class. Knowing that many F-450 trucks spend their lives hauling materials, Ford has made some changes. The four-wheel ABS brakes have been made larger to provide extra stopping power. This provides drivers with the confidence to maximize the truck's 32,500 lb. towing capacity. This truck is also equipped with G rated 19.5" tires. These tires are normally found on medium duty trucks and provide excellent load carrying capabilities. Another great feature of these tires is their extended wear lives when compared to LT tires that are normally equipped on light duty trucks.

As you can see, the Ford Super Duty line has a full range of options for your needs. From towing a trailer all day long to plowing a local parking lot, we know that you will find an amazing fit with a Super Duty truck.  

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