2017 One-Ton Heavy Duty Pickup Challenge in Kansas City, MO

2017 Ford F-350  
The pickup truck is an all-American classic. It's rugged, hard-working, and sometimes full of surprises. But of all the heavy-duty trucks out there, which one is actually the very best? It's an age-old question that causes us to compare truck after truck. And we're not the only ones. Truck-fanatic website pickuptrucks.com runs a series of annual pickup challenges. This year, the 2017 One-Ton Heavy Duty Pickup Challenge showcased the 2017 Ford F-350 against the GMC Sierra 3500.

Several factors were taken into account, from towing to daily driving. The judges found that the Ford Super Duty F-350 consistently came out on top. For instance, some might expect a heavy-duty pickup to deliver an awkward, rough ride in a regular commute. The Ford, however, earned points in this competition for its smooth performance, no matter the load weight or terrain type. The GMC contender had an independent front suspension that the judges enjoyed, but it wasn't enough to keep Ford from winning more points.

The larger body of the Ford F-350 also earned it favors that the GMC Sierra 3500 couldn't attain. The judges found that the Ford could handle a huge payload without blinking an eye. Ford's bigger size also meant a bigger interior, and the judges were fond of that, too. Extra room meant extra comfort for passengers and more utility. It tops the GMC Sierra 3500 in space and in cabin technology. Tools like the multimedia system and the multi-vision camera systems offered helpful features that the Sierra 3500 did not.

In the end, the Heavy Duty Pickup Challenge was close, but the 2017 Ford F-350 was the clear winner for its ability to anticipate the driver's wants and needs.2017 Ford F-350 If you like a truck that can work hard, visit Blue Springs Ford and see for yourself why the Ford F-Series is always the top pick.

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